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The Art of Isolation – Stories from Lock Down

Julia has teamed up with Artist Sarah Millin to create a series of short films about the impact of isolation on people in Worcestershire during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a commission from the Worcester Museum and Art Gallery, part of its ‘From the Art Gallery with Love x’ project, funded by the Arts Council England.

Here’s how you can help…

Copyright Sarah Millin 2020

We want to hear from people who are happy to share their experiences – what they have been through, what helped them cope, the challenges, the isolation, the unexpected things that happened and the positives. Perhaps you are someone who has found solace in being outdoors? Or perhaps you have found another way to pass the time? Perhaps someone or something has been a lifeline to you? If so, would you be happy to tell us about your experiences. Hearing others talk about what they have done can be reassuring or inspiring to others and can in turn help them.

If you have a story to share, or you know of someone else who would benefit from talking about their experiences, please contact Julia on 01905 453023, or

Click here to view examples of Sarah’s artwork.