School and Education projects

school-project-imageOne of the best ways to really engage pupils is to get them to interview people about the subject in question and use this knowledge to inform their work. The benefits are numerous. Children learn new skills (recording, interviewing, editing, presenting, storytelling, team working), develop self confidence, and see older people in a different light. I have been using interviewing and recording techniques in schools for over 12 years. Oral history projects don’t have to be about history. They could involve drama, geography, PHSE, art, or English. Here are some examples of school projects: 

  • Production of a CD of oral history memories recording by blind students at New College, Worcester
  • A school 200th anniversary project involving oral history interviews, a play and a radio broadcast – Tardebigge First School
  • Weekly radio clubs – King’s Hawford, Tibberton and Hindlip First Schools
  • A school play based on oral history interviews – The Chantry High School
  • A partnership with a museum involving children creating audio for a gallery – St Mary’s Kidderminster and The Museum of Carpet
  • An oral history DVD about the children’s local park – St Gregory’s Primary and Abbey Junior School, Smethwick


Case study – The Chantry High School
Harvesting the Past
Case study – Stourport High School
Gypsy Wagon Project

World War I Projects – Centenary Commemorations

I have developed various primary school activities based on what it was like to be a school child a hundred years ago.  This includes a primary activity day which starts in role with a 1914 assembly and ends in a patriotic fair to raise money and morale. Throughout the day the children are involved in numerous activities including writing in code , interviewing wartime workers, creating items for the troops, singing wartime songs, handling artefacts, documents and letters from the First World War, and learning about wartime propaganda. The activities are tailored to each school and will be updated each year until 2018 to reflect the on-going commemorations.

“A fantastic, inspiring educational experience. The whole school thoroughly enjoyed the day. History can be fun!”
Alison Webb, History Coordinator, Perdiswell Primary School

Case Study – King’s Hawford School WW1 Commemoration Day
 The Great Blackberry Pick
Case Study – The Great Blackberry Pick

Letts Talk projects in schools:

  • Pendock and Eldersfield Primary Schools, South Worcestershire
  • New College Worcester (special school for blind and visually impaired students)
  • St Mary’s Kidderminster
  • Bishop’s Castle Community College, Shropshire
  • Chantry High School, Martley
  • Tibberton First School, Worcester
  • Penn Hall Special School, Wolverhampton
  • West Park Primary, Wolverhampton
  • Perdiswell Primary, Worcester
  • St Gregory’s Primary, Smethwick
  • Abbey Junior, Smethwick
  • Evesham High School, Evesham
  • Hindlip First School, Worcestershire
  • King’s Hawford (primary)
  • Upper Arley Primary, Worcestershire
  • Witton Middle School, Droitwich Spa
  • Bedworth Primary, Warwickshire
  • Christopher Whitehead Language College, Worcester
  • St James’s Primary, Stourbridge
  • Tardebigge First School, Redditch